Hello, my name is Tessa.

This is my portfolio

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I'm a web developer living in San Francisco (and a Bay Area native! I grew up in Santa Clara, CA). I've lived in Portland, OR and New York, NY, but so far, I like it here the best.

I'm also a cellist (beginner), figure skater (intermediate), and Twitch streamer (Thursdays at 6pm PST, come hang out). In my spare time, I like watching movies, reading comic books, and trying to get better at drawing with my Wacom tablet. I have a really cute cat named Pippa and an easily excited dog named Icarus, you can see lots of photos of them on my Instagram.

I currently work at Bloc.io as a front end engineering mentor. I also write curriculum for them. I'm passionate about writing good, clean code, and always learning new stuff.

Here are some of my projects:

My Dumb Face